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1D Preferences #197: Your one of the boy’s sisters and one of the boys has a crush on you…

What more could you ask for? Feel free to request imagines, prefs or outfits and we’ll get to them as soon as possible: You and Louis Tomlinson were forced to be best friends thanks to your mothers. Jay and your mom have worked together for your entire life therefore giving Louis a permanent invitation to every single one of your parties, and you to his.

It’s not that you didn’t like him, he just didn’t like you.

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Dating-Michael The two of you sat around, playing video games. You in between his legs, his arms wrapped around your waist so he could hold his controller, while your forearms were on top of his, holding your controller. Nobody thought nothing more when they saw you go to his room, and start to play video games. But nobody knew how you were sitting, how he had to have his arms around you so he had you close, you sitting where you did so you could rest your head on his chest, to hear his heartbeat.

Which he claimed only beat for you. This was how days were spent when he wasn’t traveling the world. Sitting around in comfortable clothing , or as comfortable as possible. You had only been together a year, and a few months, yet, you sat with a large belly, containing a small, tiny, precious, little baby. The two of you had succeeded at hiding your relationship, until around 10 months, when the baby bump had started showing at 3 months a long.

It was a drunken mistake, at the 7 month mark or you relationship, in the month of June

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We take preference and imagine requests. Ages Requested Note: Your mum was making dinner and you were coloring on the table.

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She took your brother away from you. Harry, he loved to spoil you, so you always got nice, expensive clothes from him. You wore them the first day you met his girlfriend, and she thought you were a spoiled, brat. Harry, he hated that his sister and his girlfriend hated each other. Harry resolved it, he found a common interest between the two of you, him.

That was, until, your thoughts were correct. Niall, he loved you even more after that, and started listening to what your thought afterwards. Ever since X Factor, when you met the other lads, you had the biggest crush on, none other than, Louis Tomlinson. Eleanor and Dani get along well, therefore, you do not like Dani. One day, he asked why.

One Direction Preferences =P

Harry Boyfriend-Zayn When you had met Zayn when the boys were still on the X-Factor, you had grown extremely close to him, almost as close as you were with you twin brother. The night that the boys got third, he worked up the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend, which you gladly said yes, and you had been together ever since. Now that it had been three, going on four years, and you lived with Zayn, when he was home, and you didn’t live with your brother, he still wasn’t fond of letting his baby sister grow up.

Tonight was the night he had been dreading ever since Zayn had approached him towards the end of tour, and asked for his blessing. He knew it would happen some time, but he didn’t know it was going to happen so fast.

Hey. These are just some one shots, imagines, and preferences about One Direction. I also accept Josh Devine requests. You can request something if you want too. You’re Dating Somebody In 5SOS Part 1. BSM Preference: You’re Dating A 5SOS Member Part 2. One Direction Preferences, Imagines, and One Shots.

He was supposed to have been picked up hours ago yet here he was sitting in your kitchen. You had just finished making them dinner when the doorbell rang. I have shit to do! You look up to see none other than Ashton freaking Irwin standing on your front porch, your cheeks start to redden, never in your life have you felt more mortified. Their set list had been killer so far, and included a lot of your favorites.

As Alex starts to sing the chorus to Therapy, Cal slips his arms around your waist and pulls you closer to him, swaying with you to the melody of the song. When the song ended he slowly yet you go, you sigh already missing the feeling of being engulfed in his arms. People were starting to shuffle out of the venue but the two of you remained motionless.

One direction preferences bsm youre dating a band member

Calum To say Luke was happy you were dating his best friend was an understatement. Hell, Luke was probably more involved in the relationship that you were. But it was understandable. Michael It was weird for him.

BSM # You Are Dating a Member of 5SOS and He Thinks You’re Too Young A/n: okay it definitely was hard writing this haha.

Your one of the boy’s sisters and one of the boys has a crush on you You are Harry’s sister and Niall wants to ask you out]] Liam: Can I ask you something? Sure, man,” Zayn moves over on his bed and pats for Liam to sit down. Liam looks at his hands nervously. Well, of course you do. I know you’ll treat her right Niall, Louis and the boys had all decided to stay literally up all night and they’d all begun playing truth or dare to attempt at some fun. Niall’s face turns redder than usual.

You little Irish player! Harry raises an eyebrow. Niall’s cheeks turn redder and redder. She’s really hot, okay? Don’t kill me, Harry,” Niall says.

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You were talking to Ashton and you were just flirting and having a good time. He took your hand you both walked out of the venue and down to a pretty view. You were excited and super happy. You spent every waking moment with Ashton and you loved it. He was looking around until he noticed what was really going on.

You walked out of the bus following Liam before he came to a curb. You were in love with Luke. You wanted to be his girlfriend and would do anything to get that to happen. You found him backstage and ran up to him. He sighed and nodded.

5sos Preference You Break Up And Your Pregnant

Luke You and Luke had been dating for almost a year, and a major life decision was in the cards. You and Luke were seriously considering moving in together, but you were a bit reluctant. The last time you had lived with a guy, you had been nineteen and carefree, and after one night, you were nineteen, pregnant, and alone in an unfamiliar city. Not that you would have traded that for anything now, because you had Marcus.

At twenty-two, there was so much you wanted to do, but was this really one of them? Marcus loved Luke, and the feeling was reciprocated.

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Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. What he does to turn you on. You search for an apartment. What you do to turn him on. How he reacts when you wear his clothes. He finds out you cut. He forgets your birthday and has to make up for it. Make up from the big fight. How he teases you sexually.

How he treats your newborn baby. The first time he says he loves you. He asks you to get married without your parents permission and they get annoyed.

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