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We offer over 37 years of experience and training in a wide range of forensic science and private investigation disciplines. We specialize in ink dating, handwriting, art dating, questioned document examinations, fraud detection and forensic analysis. Stewart was born in Asheville, North Carolina. Stewart has worked for the U. Government as a forensic scientist for over 25 years. During that time he has worked on many notable cases to include; the Unabomber, the John Wilkes Booth diary, numerous accused Nazi war criminals, e. Ivan the Terrible, the reinvestigation of the Dr. Additionally, he has been called upon to examine and assist in determining the authenticity of various historic constructions and sculptures to include pieces of Nok Terra Cotta, Mammoth Ivory, and Brazzerville and Songye Tribal Horns as well as various paintings and porcelains to include works potentially by Dahl, Picasso, Kandinsky, Cezanne, DeKooning, Kliun, Popova, Lissitzky, Malevich and Hopper. His efforts have directly assisted the U. He has testified as an expert witness in state, federal and military courts of law, as well as testified or been deposed in foreign court systems to include; Austria, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

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John Constable Portrait, seascape, landscape, pen and ink wash marine study ,and floral studies The Freemanart Consultancy with bases in Britain and across Europe and North America, are art authentication experts who specialise in art authentication investigations and its related procedures. We conduct detailed forensic art analysis alongside in depth academic investigations and research and have art experts, forensic art analysts and scholars on hand who specifically specialise in particular in the artwork and paintings of the artist John Constable.

We are specifically here to assist you with both financial valuations of legitimate Constable works of art and advise on the all so important issues of John Constable authentication and attribution issues and at all levels, undertaking our investigative work completely confidentially and swiftly across the world.

With physical access to Constable records and documents distributed in archive across Britain and Europe, we are perfectly sited geographically to assist you. Preliminary authentication assessments of previously attributed John Constable paintings or paintings bearing the famous Constable signature, right at the start of an art authenticity investigation can save great personal heartache and unnecessary expense in the long term.

EXPERIENCE · Employed with Speckin Forensic Laboratories – Present President – – Present. EDUCATION · Purdue University at age 15 to study engineering.

Opt out or contact us anytime All three divisions employ the same narrow coterie of elites, and all answer directly to Kim Jong Il, who lives in a villa less than a mile away. Many of these notes were later used by North Korean agents implicated in attacks on South Korean targets, like the operatives arrested for the bombings of a South Korean government delegation in Rangoon in and a Korean Airlines jet in Counterfeiting offered the promise of raising hard currency to buy the elite the luxury items that they had come to expect: Former Communist countries had ended their subsidies, Kim Il Sung had died, the country was stricken by floods and famine and the food-distribution system had collapsed.

Party slogans betrayed more than a hint of desperation: Yet Kim Jong Il, defying all expectations, managed to cling to power. Photo A counterfeit-bill detector. And counterfeiting was at the core. The department began to systematically collect a variety of forensic and other evidence gathered by its own investigators, the Secret Service and elements of the intelligence community linking North Korea to the supernotes. Asher declined to comment on the nature of the evidence, most of which remains classified.

In addition, the department put together circumstantial evidence of North Korean counterfeiting that had been accumulating for more than a decade.

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By the time Cheney’s body was taken from the home shortly before midnight, the consensus among those investigating seemed to be that her death had been an unfortunate accident. Summing up the call-out later at nearby Holden Hill CIB, one officer noted in the station’s journal, “No suspicious circs, appears drank bottle of wine during evg at hotel, gone home, sat in bath, fallen asleep, drowned.

No signs of struggle etc on body at all. In subsequent police interviews, members of the Cheney family raised concerns that Anna-Jane had a substantial life insurance policy – with Keogh named as the sole beneficiary.

Notwithstanding the gradual decline in the use of cheques, the intercepting of cheques between being filled out and being banked (often while in the mail but sometimes by a person on the inside) is an ongoing problem.

It was here that art and history became a reality and after four years he returned to Manchester to study architecture. He pursued a career as an architect with Building Design Partnership, the largest multi-discipline design organisation in the UK. For 21 years he was a partner in the practice, working on housing, school and hospital projects such as the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham and the New General Infirmary at Leeds.

Hugh Ellwood was educated in the classics and went to university in Rome to study philosophy. For some years Hugh was an external examiner in Architecture at the University of Manchester as well as a visiting lecturer in the history of art and architecture at the University of Central Lancashire. During the s he began to sketch with watercolour as a complement to the pursuit of architecture. He prefers to work in watercolour, ink, pencil and pastel. His subjects are mainly buildings, the landscape and the relationship between the two.

He prefers to work outdoors, rather than in the studio. During the year he spends at least three months with his wife in Switzerland and Italy as well as visiting other places of interest abroad to study, photograph and sketch.

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A report submitted to the U. Chicago Tribune – Todd Richmond – February 10, Now, a team of researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST has developed a statistical approach for ballistic comparisons that may enable numerical testimony. A coroner can be notified within 10 minutes and have to wait for hours on end to take possession of the body.

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That is, it is an archive of cases where forensic science and law enforcement experts have provided sworn testimony, documents, or reports intended for the court that contain deceptive or misleading information, findings, opinions, or conclusions. Such information, findings, or conclusions have been deliberately offered by the expert in order to secure an unfair or unlawful gain as determined by their employers, by the courts, and in many cases by their own admission.

Subsequently, no opinions have been added to the referenced sources. This archive is maintained solely for educational and informational purposes, to raise professional and public awareness regarding the nature and extent of forensic fraud. Curiously, though fraud in these contexts is largely considered a crime, it only infrequently results in consequences for the fraudster – ranging from demotion, to firing, to criminal prosecution.

It should be noted that this is not an archive of mere forensic mistakes, mishaps, or misidentifications these can be found here. We currently have a further back-log of cases to add to this archive. This will be done as time permits. Please feel free to submit additional cases, materials or corrections to info forensic-science.

General Articles and Resources General Articles and Resources For some background on what has been described as a crisis in the forensic community, please read the following material:

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In order to address these challenges, an attempt was made to study the rate of diffusion of inks at different time intervals using hyperspectral imaging. The study was carried out to quantify the amount of ink diffusion using luminosity as a parameter at different intervals of time by preparing a Common Reference Index Value CRIV and to assess whether particular writings were made at the same period of time. This study reveals that there are noticeable differences in the rates of diffusion of the same classes of inks, depending on time interval.

This new approach can determine the relative age of the ink, in a nondestructive manner, from any two writings created at different periods of time with the same class of ink.

Inclusion of an article or a link on the pages of the in no way represents an endorsement or recommendation of any part of that article or link by Crime Scene Resources Inc., the , the site’s webmaster, or the site’s sponsors.

He’s the oldest human specimen that we have that is so complete. He continues to generate this body of information. He may well be the most studied human being in history. He was found in a glacier, frozen in time, for 5, years. What can we learn from him? What is his story? We figured he was probably Italian; wrong. So, where’s this guy from? We’re rewriting the history of humankind. If they believe that it’s real, then I have done my job.

Now, science and art join to share the Iceman and his secrets with the world.

Adolescent and Young Adult Tattooing, Piercing, and Scarification

History[ edit ] The last remnant of old ownership marks The Vinland map first came to light in three years before the discovery of the Norse site at L’Anse aux Meadows in , bound in a slim volume with a short medieval text called the Hystoria Tartarorum usually called in English The Tartar Relation , and was unsuccessfully offered to the British Museum by London book dealer Irving Davis on behalf of a Spanish-Italian dealer named Enzo Ferrajoli de Ry. Witten II , who offered it to his alma mater, Yale University.

It was initially treated with suspicion, partly because wormholes in the map and the Relation did not match. In spring , however, Witten’s friend Thomas Marston, a Yale librarian, acquired from London book dealer Irving Davis a dilapidated medieval copy of books of Vincent of Beauvais ‘s encyclopedic Speculum historiale “Historical Mirror” , written in two columns on a mix of parchment and paper sheets, with initial capitals left blank, which turned out to be the missing link; the wormholes showing that it had formerly had the map at its beginning and the Relation at its end.

All traces of former ownership marks, except for a small part of a bright pink stamp which overlapped the writing on folio of the Speculum, had been removed, perhaps to avoid tax liability for the former owner although as historian Kirsten Seaver noted many years later, stamps on random book pages indicate institutional, not private ownership.

Recognizing its potential importance as the earliest map unambiguously showing America, Mellon insisted that its existence be kept secret until a scholarly book had been written about it.

Before getting into a full investigation of the legitimacy of a work of art that you believe to be by Pablo Picasso, be it purely academic, forensic or as with most cases both methods of scrutiny, it is essential to know if the project is viable and to any degree, if it’s likely to be successful.

Yes, forensic document examiners are handwriting experts, but forensic document examiners do not usually use the term handwriting expert to refer to themselves. The courts and attorneys commonly use the term handwriting expert; however, most forensic document examiners believe the term handwriting expert is too limiting. Forensic document examiners perform a much wider range examinations than handwriting examination, comparison, and identification.

It is true that handwriting examination is the bulk of the work performed by most forensic document examiners. Forensic document examiners examine handwriting and signatures to identify and eliminate potential writers and detect forgery. They also testify about handwriting examinations as an expert witness in court, but qualified forensic document examiners are also experts in the examination of typewritten and computer-generated documents, counterfeit documents, alterations and obliterations on documents, and to detect and decipher indented handwriting impressions.

Forensic document examiners also conduct examinations of documents created by photocopiers and fax machines, examine ink and paper, as well as the examinations of documents to determine if handwriting or other entries on documents were made contemporaneously. By the way, forensic document examiners might also be called questioned document examiners, forensic handwriting analysts, and forensic document analysts.

Some may use the terms document experts, handwriting authentication specialists, signature experts, handwriting identification experts, and forgery experts. The most correct terms are forensic document examiner or questioned document examiner, and in some laboratories, forensic document analyst. Shiver has more than twenty years experience in the field of Forensic Document Examination.

He as testified as an expert witness in court on more than occasions. Typical cases examined by Mr. Shiver involve the comparison of handwriting and signatures on questioned documents such as contracts, receipts, checks, wills, and deeds, as well as the forensic examination of medical records, contracts, and other documents for possible alteration, differences in ink, dating the document, indented writing, and the detection of non-contemporaneous handwritten entries.

Iceman Reborn

A cloud of explosive chemicals is released, and upon impact the fuel-air mixture is detonated, exploding the lungs of animals and human beings in the vicinity, not damaging structures much but filling the lungs of all animals with fuel and burning them in what may be one of the most horrifying ways imaginable to die. Premature baby was decapitated ‘when top NHS doc detached body from head during botched birth’ A premature baby was decapitated inside his mom’s womb when a doctor in Scotland detached his body from his head during a botched birth, a tribunal heard.

The hearing was told the first-time mom was then forced to undergo a C-section to remove the head — which was sewn onto the tot’s body so she could hold him and say goodbye. Inside Job or Mossad Job? Is the Israel-Iran Conflict a Charade?

Abstract. The challenges faced by the forensic document examiner are to know whether entries/writings with ink made on certain documents – such as logbooks, registers, OMR sheets, cheques, drafts, promising letter/notes, deeds, wills, prescription notes, and other important documents – are executed during the same period of time, or in different periods of time, and to know whether entries.

New York Areas of Expertise: Document examinations are provided in Massachusetts Areas of Expertise: North Carolina Areas of Expertise: Lyter provides consultation, examination, training, research and testimony in matters of forensic science, including ink and paper analysis, trace evidence, and questioned document examination. California Areas of Expertise: Fisher Forensic Document Laboratory, Inc. Clients who utilize the Laboratory’s Pennsylvania Areas of Expertise: Private practice for 30 years examining cases from all 50 states, and internationally.

Accepted as an expert witness and testified in state civil and criminal courts in 11 states and in federal court;

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Captain Cain author The perpetual fear of every slave owner, spanning not only these years, but of slavery as an institution, is that of rebellion. African slaves were frequently taken from warring tribes, speaking… Cavalry author The dinosaur starts to beep. I can’t tell why, but I continue to rub its belly.

The little T-Rex still won’t shut up, and then it hits me.

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He is, perhaps, the greatest artist of all time, a talent so unique, even his notebooks are worth tens of millions of dollars: Leonardo da Vinci, the genius who painted the Mona Lisa, whose rare finished works are among the treasures of the western world. So imagine getting your hands on a previously unknown portrait by Leonardo, a work like this, a profile of a mysterious young woman.

If it really is a Leonardo, it could be worth a hundred million dollars. I don’t have any doubt that it is by Leonardo da Vinci. This drawing does not seem to have any chance of being by Leonardo. Now, independent investigators will try to determine whether this portrait is real or fake, the work of some unknown artist of the past or a true Leonardo.

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