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Paola Andino Previews Tonight’s Premiere! The year-old Dallas native stars as Emma Alonso as she moves to Miami and her life turns upside down. Not only does she discover that she is a witch, she also has a crush on the boy next door, Daniel Nick Merico. But his ex-girlfriend Maddie Paris Smith , who is an evil witch and leader of the school clique the Panthers, is still willing to fight for the boy she loves. Check out a clip below! So when did you start acting and what made you want to be an actress? I started acting when I was 10 years old. Ever since I was little I loved performing. I used to dance competitively and I was a part of an honor choir, so when my 4th grade teacher recommended I take acting classes I jumped right on it. How would you describe your character Emma?

Every Witch Way – Season 1

Right before they leave to go hang out, Emma explains how she wants to see how Daniel is doing, but Jax does not know who Daniel is. They go off to their houses, where Jax has multiple clones and Butler Jax informs him his father called, but did not say what for. Emma hurries to her house, but Francisco has no recollection of hating “this Daniel. Emma’s confused, but goes over to Daniel’s house to find a man named Daniel Sanchez and his wife living in the house for the past twenty years.

A New Beginning (Emma’s POV) I grabbed my Aunt’s phone. I want to Daniel to know she’s ok with us dating and I know just how to. With her phone in hand, I Crossed my arms and released them and morphed into my aunt. I walked over to Daniel. Every Witch Way Fanfiction Wikia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.

Is an mean witch and the enemy of Season she is nicer cause shes dating. Every Witch Way is an. Emma and Daniel are finally dating. Emma because she lied to him. Emma Wants a Cracker Season episode 15 cast and plot information. Every Witch Way is an American telenovela. She does not approve of Emma dating Daniel at first. Lily warns Emma that the Witches Council won. Formatted teen sitcom that originally aired on. Diego finds a way to improve.

Council confronts Emma about dating a human. Portalen how to make dating fun beachten.

Every Witch Way, Season 3

Brief discussion of ritual sacrifice and cannibalism. Also, check out the series page for additional warnings and new cast pictures. Her daughter, Birgit, had barely spoken a word. The French witch sent her a little grin and beckoned her forward with a wave of fingers.

Every Witch Way – Season 2 Episode 1 – Jax of Hearts. views () Every Witch Way Episode list. Season 2. Season 2, Episode 1. Emma and Daniel are finally dating, but Lily warns Emma that the Witches Council won’t stand for it. Meanwhile, a new wizard, Jax, arrives at Iridium High.

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Every Witch Way

She later learns that she is a witch , and is also the “Chosen One”, having great powers and abilities of her generation. Emma barely makes it through the school year with the help of Lily, the school nurse who is Emma’s guardian; Andi Cruz, her best friend; Daniel Miller, a mutual crush, and the rest of the Sharks, Iridium High’s swim team. There are obstacles along the way, too, including Maddie Van Pelt, the leader of the Panthers, a trio of the school’s most popular girls, who is a newly profound witch and Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, and the principal, Miss Torres: During the upcoming eclipse, she plans on taking Emma’s powers, but fails after Maddie and Emma join forces, despite their differences, and send her away using a spell from the Hexoren, a book of spells that Emma inherited from her late mother.

At the end of the season, Daniel and Emma become a couple; also, after defeating the principal, both witches think they lost their powers, but in reality, Emma still has them, and she keeps this a secret from Daniel in season 2.

To make matters worse, she falls hard and fast for Daniel, the school’s swim team champion and Maddie’s boyfriend. Over time Emma learns to control her powers and finds out that she is the Chosen One (the most powerful witch ever born).

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Emma Alonso

Do you think they going to get back together 2 Do you think they not going to get back together 1 1 Emma and Daniel start having feelings for each other from the very first episode to the last episode of season 1. Even though Daniel finds out that Emma has her powers he still likes her for who she is with or without powers. In the last episode The Chosen One Emma and Daniel have their first kiss and become a couple at the end of the episode 5 The poll was created at Please wait, submitting your vote

Emma Alonso is the main protagonist in Every Witch Way. Emma is very girly and loves to scrapbook. She loves glitter and her best friend (sidekick) Andi Cruz too. Her current boyfriend is Daniel Miller. Emma is potrayed by Paola Andino. she is a glittery girl and kindhearted and very girly as.

Emma was portrayed by Paola Andino. Emma is ready to start making her own rules no matter the cost. With everything on the line, can she overcome her obstacles or will she lose it all? She enrolls at Iridium High, making new friends like her best friend Andi , and even developing a crush on dreamy Daniel Miller.

After learning that she is a witch, Emma gains a guardian named Lily , who helps her with her magic and spells. Throughout the season, Emma and Andi discover more about her powers and spells. They also find out that The Principal and Maddie have powers of their own.

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Emma then kisses Jax for doing so. In the preview of the last week of Every Witch Way it shows jax working with Evil Emma and they may break up in future episodes. She broke up with him in the Abyss.

Upon moving to her new home in Miami, strange things start happening to Emma as she meets her new crush, Daniel, and her new enemy, Maddie. Things get even trickier after she discovers she’s a witch with magical powers!

James Stryker A compilation of one-shots with different pairings. Rated M for sexual content. Tales of Love Hey guys. I have some really great news for you Jemma fans. To al you Jemma fans, this one’s for you. So, here it is chapter five of Every Witch Way: The perfect girl that would change his life forever. Ever since Jax Novoa met Emma Alonso, the two were polar opposites.

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Emma is very girly and loves to scrapbook. She loves glitter and her best friend sidekick Andi Cruz too. There are obstacles along the way, too:

Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Jax Novoa/Emma Alonso; Emma Alonso; Jax Novoa (Every Witch Way) Daniel Miller; Andi Cruz; Summary. At a school dance, Emma and Daniel have fun, but when Emma and Jax share a slow dance, everything changes.

Paola Andino as Emma Alonso. A new student at Iridium High School. She is a witch and uses her magical powers responsibly. She is in love with Daniel. In Season 2 makes a clone that meses it up. Later is with Jax but then gets back with Daniel and kisses. Nick Merico as Daniel Miller. He is a star in Iridium High. He’s smart, athletic, and very popular, but also very humble. He is also the captain of the Sharks. In Season 2 get jealous about Jax but then gets back with Emma.

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As Emma moves in, she gazes at Daniel and he does the same. A swarm of butterflies approach Daniel due to Emma being nervous. Emma is surprised that Daniel knows her name while showing her around Iridium. Daniel was assigned to show Emma around Iridium High. Daniel defends Emma when Maddie is being rude to her. When Daniel realized it was raining in the hallway, he runs towards Emma to protect her.

Every Witch Way. comedy fantasy. The series follows year-old Emma Alonso, as she moves to Miami and her life turns upside-down. Not only does she discover that she is a witch, she also has a crush on the boy next door, Daniel. But Daniel’s ex-girlfriend Maddie, who is an ‘evil witch’ and leader of the school clique the ‘Panthers’, is still.

It is the American version of the Latin American show Grachi. The first season was part of Nickelodeon’s “One Month Event”, which means that the episodes aired from January 1 to January 30, for a total of 20 episodes. On March 13, , Nickelodeon announced that they had commissioned a second season of Every Witch Way, which aired from July 7 to August 8, Season 3 aired on January 5, On May 14, , Nickelodeon Netherlands aired the show, titled Verhekst!: Plot year-old Emma Alonso moves to Miami, Florida, with her father.

Every Witch Way : “Daniel and Emma’s Love Story”