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The images show the famous strongholds sat peacefully in their idyllic and breathtaking locations across the country, from Dover to Durham. The nostalgic snaps, of which the originals date from between and , are evocative of a different era when the historic buildings had fewer visitors and information signs. However, it stands on the site of an earlier castle erected in the 12th Century. The castle was a key location during the revolt of Richard the Lionheart and others against King Henry II’s reign Dover Castle has been described as the ‘Key to England’ due to its defensive significance and location, on the south-easterly tip of Britain. The site is believed to have been fortified since as far back as AD43, but it took recognisable shape during the 12th Century Another of the newer castles in Britain, Kingsgate Castle was built in Margate, Essex, by Lord Holland. It was converted into private residences in the s All the ancient forts, many of which are now open to the public for a fun family day out in the sun, are of course steeped in some altogether more gruesome history. Deal Castle in Kent played host to several battles during the Second English Civil War between and , initially being seized by pro-Royalist insurgents, only to be retaken by Parliamentary forces after months of fighting, resulting in hundreds of deaths. Philip’s Church, located close Arundel Castle, now serves as Arundel Cathedral after it was awarded such status in Previous Lord Wardens include Sir Winston Churchill and the Queen Mother, but they did not make regular use of the castle The gateway at Lancaster Castle, which was originally used as a prison but was heavily damaged during a Scottish invasion between and

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Here are a number of references which can be used to research old antique postcards and to date vintage postcards. Many postcard history and postcard artist links are included. Also see the Canadiana and Northern Ontario Postcard Photographers pages for additional postcard references. See a 19th c. To navigate these pages, mouse over the top navigation bar.

Drop-down menus will appear of the areas of interest. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. Close the larger image before opening another thumbnail. The occasional duplicates for sale can be found using the search box on the main home page of VintagePostcards.

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Primitive cameras and primitive access made the capturing of images challenging. A randomly selected monochrome postcard. You can find out more about this and other postcards shown below by visiting the Extended Gallery at the end of this page. In those simpler times visitors depended on the picture postcard. Visitors bought postcards as mementoes of their holiday. These were stored away in drawers and albums, and when discovered often years later, provoked pleasant memories of times past.

There is some confusion on what Real Photo Postcards (RPPC) are, and how to differentiate from a printed postcard. Real Photo Postcards are photographs that are reproduced by actually developing them onto photographic paper the size and weight of Postcards, with a Postcard back.

If all the jails I been in was all put together, it would make a hard rock hotel as big as the Capitol building. Ralph Peer, owner and operator, sole proprietor. It was a time of blackface minstrelsy, of coon songs and cakewalks becoming fiddle tunes and folk culture as ragtime faded and a mysterious black art called jazz invaded the biggest cities. Okemah, a brief bit of a boom town, was nothing like a big city, or even a city. The circus was in town. It shows more than fifty white citizens posing together on the brand new bridge over the North Canadian River.

Some of the men are in suits and ties, others are in their shirtsleeves; nearly all have hats.

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Early history of postcards[ edit ] The claimed first printed picture postcard. Austrian postcard from Cards with messages had been sporadically created and posted by individuals since the beginning of postal services. The earliest known picture postcard was a hand-painted design on card, posted in Fulham in London by the writer Theodore Hook to himself in , and bearing a penny black stamp.

Hi all! I’m looking for postcard friends, because I currently have friends who love getting my postcards but are rubbish at sending any back. I’m a researcher at a university in the western US, so science-related topics and maps tend to be up my alley.

Picture postcards in the United States began with the souvenir issues sold at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in The hobby of postcard collecting began soon after and continued unabated until the beginning of World War I. With that event, the postcard album, a book second in importance only to the family Bible, suddenly vanished from the parlor.

The Columbian Exposition cards proved to be so successful, that publishers in other parts of the country were emboldened to issue views featuring large cities, historic landmarks and popular vacation resorts. Like the exposition cards, these were also well received, despite the fact that the federal government subjected them to the full-letter postage rate of two cents while government-issued postals could be mailed at one cent. Public demand to use privately printed postcards became so great by , however, that Congress granted a concession and lowered the postage rate to a penny.

After , the postcard industry was off and running, and so was the hobby. Postcard collecting had become widespread in Europe by the turn of the century. By it had reached comparable proportions in the United States. The initial souvenir cards of vacation resorts and big cities gradually evolved into diverse lines, which included viewcards, comics, holiday greetings, and advertising. This diversity placed postcards within the means and interests of almost everyone.

The decade between — the Golden Age of Postcards — saw postcard collecting reach a zenith of staggering proportion.

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Circa Fine Arts Building Circa Fine Arts Building Chicago. There are no awnings on the Annex Building to the right in , they are visible in

Dating Old Antique Postcards: A Brief History of Postcards, including types and dates published, with illustrated examples. See also the Postcard Dating Guide, Styles and Types; Dating French Postcards, with information about dating postcards according to postage stamps used;.

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In fact, 90% of postcards, no matter how old, fall into a price bracket ranging from pence to five that sell cheaply include the categories of relatively modern issues, art reproductions, deckle-edged greetings cards, scenic views that have changed little and poorly printed comics.

This research project by students in the Primary Research Through the History of Beverly course of examined various aspects of postcard use in the first half of the 20th century. While the information was written with Beverly, MA in mind, much of the information is of a general nature and is useful to anyone interested in postcard history. The webmaster has edited the text, substituting the words “Weirs Beach” for Beverly and making other edits where appropriate.

Sections that do not pertain to Weirs Beach have been deleted. These edits are in italics. Introduction Social history is the study of people and society over time. It is a way to look at people and their relations and how society organizes itself over time. Social history focuses on the behaviors of people and social patterns, such as values, and attitudes, of certain ethnic groups or areas of land. A postcard is a card sent through the mail at a lesser postage rate than a sealed envelope, which usually has a side with a picture and a side for a written message.

Many postcards were, and still are, made from photographs. Photographs can depict social history without words.

Value of Old Postcards

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Stamps on Postcards – a guide to dating cards. We hope you find this guide useful but it should be used with caution, stamps in circulation could (and can!) still be used after being superceded by later issues and equally ‘old’ postcards could be sent using more recent stamps.

From , this was a U. This allowed brighter colour printing that was also aided by the woven fabric texture. The linen texture enlivened the image by reflecting the light in multiple directions. At first, these postcards included a white border: Linen postcard with a white border. But this gradually disappeared as printing extended to the edges of the card: Linen postcard without a border. Most linen postcard production stopped in with the start of World War Two, although some printers continued with this fabric-based printing stock until the early s.

Introduced in , the modern chrome postcard, with richly coloured photographic images and no border on one side. Most linen and black and white postcard publishers either shut down or converted to producing Chrome postcards.

Postcards from a century ago show England’s castles

The value of old postcards is dependent on a number of factors, including their condition, rarity, age, and subject matter. Factors Affecting Value Similar to other types of vintage and antique collectibles, postcard values are based on a specific set of criteria that affect the value of antique and vintage postcards. The following are the most important. Condition One of the first things an appraiser or collector will notice about your postcard is its condition. Cards in fine shape, with no discoloration, foxing, tears, or other damage fetch the highest prices.

I was assuming a London publisher was using this as their Trade Mark (St Bride Printing, Bride Lane, Fleet Street) – but in there was a ‘Sanbride Press’ in Middlesbrough (Hood & Co, Printers) – using the steeple as a Trade Mark – they did print postcards.

Contact Author Postcard collecting can be a fascinating hobby as I have found out over the years. The earliest cards date from the mid th century and have a very well-documented history. But for any individual card there can be some doubt about its exact age. Many people prefer to collect unused postcards which have never been posted. As a result you can’t use the postmark as a guide in estimating the card’s age.

Even so, all collectors are curious to know how old their postcards are, because their age has some bearing on their value. Even when there is a postmark, it may be blurred or someone may have lost it in the depths of a drawer for years before sending it through the post. As a result, we have to find our clues from the card itself. The story for each country varies so I will have to generalise to some extent. All the images are scans of postcards in my own collection. French postcard dating from Source This is the oldest card in my possession.

The address side gives the date the card was manufactured, September , along with instructions that ONLY the address was to appear on this side of the card, with further instructions on how to write the address accurately. The Message on My Oldest Postcard – Dated An undivided back postcard Source The first postcards were not allowed to have any form of picture.

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Learning About Old Postcards Vintage postcards are an affordable and fun hobby! Cards can range from a few cents apiece to the hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars each! Finding the true value of a card can be hard, with so many factors affecting its price. I’ll try to list here some common things that affect a postcards price.

Dating Curt Teich Postcards. dating curt teich postcards For more information, visit the Curt Teich Postcard Archives web site. The Archives is part of the part of the Lake County Discovery Museum, in Wauconda, Illinois.

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